Student Activity #1

Serrano Snacks


Have you ever eaten a cactus? How about an acorn? Do these sound like strange foods to you?

Did you know that the Serrano Indians ate these everyday? Although they may seem weird to you, they were staples of the Serrano Indian's diet. The Serrano adapted to their enviornment by using the resources that were available where they lived.


1. Follow these links to learn about these Serrano foods. While visiting the following webpages, fill out the Serrano Indian Food Worksheet. (Your teacher will give you a copy of this worksheet or you may print it off yourself.) The information you gather will be important in step 2!

Prickly Pear Cactus

Mesquite Bean

Pine Nut



2. Using the information on your Serrano Indian Food worksheet, make a Serrano Indian Cook book. Each page of your cook book will feature a different Serrano food. Write a complete paragraph about the food, and draw a colorful picture of it above your paragraph.


Staples: food that a group of people eat almost every day or something that is common.

Example: Cereal is a staple in Cindy's diet.

Adapt: to adjust to a climate, environment or situation.

Example: Joe adapted to the cold weather by wearing a coat.

Environment: air, weather, land, and living things that surround an area.

Example: The desert environment is very hot and dry.

Resources: something that is available and useful for humans.

Example: Acorns were a valuable resource to the Serrano Indians.

Don't Forget

A complete paragraph has a topic sentence and supporting sentences!