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A virtual museum about the local history of Loma Linda, California

Authored by:

Jim Shipp, Teacher
Bryn Mawr Elementary School
11680 Whittier Ave.
Loma Linda, California 92354
(909) 796-9622

Who should use this website?

Third -grade students and their teachers. Others may find it contains helpful information

What will I learn?

The history of Loma Linda, from pre-history to the present

Is there more?

You'll notice how people in different eras used the land and its resources differently.

What are "footprints"?

We're talking about how much permanent effect people had on the environment.

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Technology Apology: The use of photographs in this website will increase download times. The author has made each page as small as possible, yet retaining the visual appeal that students will need. If you are in a school in Loma Linda, I will supply you with the site on a CD-ROM so students can access it instantly. Others may contact me for availability.

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