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These lesson plan pages have been designed to help you use this website and other resources very easily. I have included lesson guides, worksheets, lesson extension ideas, field trips and tests for each historical period. If you have further questions, I am available to help. Please note my e-mail address at the bottom of each page.

You can navigate the lesson plan pages by category or by historical period. Permission to print, copy and use these resources in your classroom is hereby given. You may not use these materials for profit.

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Lesson Guides

Ancient Times (Cahuilla Period) - To 1810


Mission Period 1810-1834


Lugo Period 1842-1851

Teacher Links

Mormon Period 1851-1857


Townsite Era 1856-1876

Mound Cities 1875-1895

Lonesome Linda 1900-1905

State Standards

Sanitarium Times 1905-1970

Cityhood 1970-2000

Loma Linda Today and Tomorrow: 2000-????

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