Lesson Plan

Loma Linda - Today and Tomorrow


Lesson Preparation


Teacher Reading

The best preparation for discussions of the future is to read the local papers regularly, and keep abreast of what is going on with the Planning Commission and City Council




Materials Needed

  • Newspapers: San Bernardino Sun or Riverside Press-Enterprise




1. Habitat: Will there be any hills left to the South of Loma Linda? Time will tell. A current plant calls for swapping wildland for privatel-held land, so a developer can build a golf course and luxury homes. What will happen to the coyotes, red-tailed hawks, rattlesnakes and other native animals if all the open land is developed?

2. Food: Citrus is almost all gone in Loma Linda. The economics of farming on "valuable" land causes people to sell farmland for housing. Loma Linda no longer has its own dairy. Is it safe or healthy to depend on farmers far away for our food? Compare our lifestyle with Tomo's, where everyone who ate food participated in its capture or collection.

3. Housing: People like living in Loma Linda. Will its reputation as a safe, comfortable small town suffer as it becomes a crowded city? Are we trading the future for present financial gain? How does one maintain a city that is pleasant to live in?

4. Social Structure: How will Loma Linda change as more people come here? Will there be more parks, public swimming pools and recreation centers? Will the Seventh-day Adventist composition of the town change over time? What will it be like to live in Loma Linda in 25 years or more?

5. Art and Tools: How will new technologies change the way we live, do our work, and take recreation?

6. Footprints: What actions are we taking now that may hurt or help people in the future? Remember, the workers who dumped solvent on the ground 25 years ago didn't think they were ruining the water supply. Could we be doing something equally bad without knowing it?

7. Demise: The world is full of "ghost towns." Civilizations come and go. What changes could make Loma Linda empty? What could happen with the food or water supply that would cause people in the future to abandon the city?

Projects and Activities

1. Using maps of Loma Linda today, have students draw in streets, buildings and uses that they think might happen in the future.

2. Make a chart with things that Loma Linda needs. Present it to the City Council. Things we could use might include: a Senior Center, Recreational Center, hiking trails with drinking fountains, horseback riding trails, skateboard parks, public swimming pool, etc.

3. Draw pictures of what Loma Linda will look like in the future. Make up pamphlets to get people to come live in your future town, or.... Think of ways to get people to stop moving to Loma Linda, if you think that would be best!


Worksheet - Loma Linda - Today and Tomorrow


The worksheets may be used as either a lesson guide and written in as you go along, or as a test. Feel free to make up your own to fit your approach to the curriculum




1. Definitely schedule a trip to the City Hall of Loma Linda.

2. Ask the City Planner to come to your class to explain how the city may change over the next few years. (See Links)

3. A walking trip around your school can be very informative. Look for buildings and sites that have changed. Compare the changed uses with buildings and sites that have remained the same. Loma Linda University still maintains somewhat of a farm beside the Loma Linda Elementary School. The school sits on the site of the College farm. That area has been a dairy farm for almost a hundred years!