Many thanks to all the people and institutions who made this website possible.

Especial thanks to:

Jennifer Robertson, Special Collections Museum Assistant for the San Bernardino County Museum, for carefully scanning photos for me, helping solve the transfer of data problems between old and new computers, and going to bat for me to secure permission to use the Museum images.

Dr. Ann Deegan, Curator of History for the San Bernardino County Museum, for making her facility and collection available for this project.

Christie Hammond, Associate Archivist for the A.K. Smiley Library, for her help in finding relevant photos and documents, and for helping me set up an opportunity to photograph in the Heritage Room,

Daniel K. Lewis, Ph.D. at Cal Poly, Pomona for teaching us more about the discipline of history than I ever learned in college,

Curtis Armstrong at the LLU Cogeneration plant for patiently explaining how the powerplant works and letting me take pictures inside the high-tech facility that supplies electricity, steam, hot and cold water, and purified water to the Loma Linda University facilities,

M. Daniel Smith, Director of Community Development, City of Loma Linda, for supplying the Bryn Mawr Tract map, McKenna-Hathaway Windshield Survey of historic home, citrus labels, and invaluable information about where to look and who to talk to,

Maxine and Ralph Strane, for generously allowing the scanning and use of pages from Tomo of Kukumonga Village. Maxine turned out to be a near-relative. We share an aunt and uncle.

Arda Haenzel, for supplying names and places to look for resources, and for donating her considerable collection to the California Room of the Feldhym Library in San Bernardino,

Laura, in Central Microfilm, San Bernardino County, for copying old maps and photos from the County Archives,

Anne Brandt, Research Assistant in the San Bernardino County Archives, for her diligent searching for articles, photos and maps of old San Bernardino and related townsites,

Elmer Digneo, former mayor and councilman of Loma Linda, and retired principal of Loma Linda Academy, for generous help in locating resources, use of his "Short History of the Campus Hill Church" and allowing me to interview him at length,

Benita Welebir, for allowing me to climb her hill and photograph Loma Linda from her front yard, retracing the steps of a 1916 photographer who sought the best vantage point for a panaramic view of the village.

Effie Jewel Church-Turner, for telling the story of her family's migration to Loma Linda,

Hazel June Church, for remembering details of how her family heard about opportunities in Loma Linda, and migrated here in the 1940's,

Dr. Merlin Burt at the Heritage Room, Del Webb Memorial Library at Loma Linda University, for generously donating use of images from the University Archives for use in this project.

Petre Cimpoeru, in the photo archives of the Del E. Webb Memorial Library, Loma Linda University, for his assistance in finding exemplary photos of early Loma Linda.

Judge Van Unger, for willingly sharing family photos and telling about life in Loma Linda through the 1920's and onward.

Jacqueline Moncrief, for sharing family photos and stories about Loma Linda, the Sanitarium and agricultural community.

The Loma Linda City Council, for allowing me to use three priceless images from the book Sunshine, Citrus and Science.

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