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Finding your way through the periods of prehistory and history in Loma Linda:

  • A Virtual Museum of sites you can still see today
  • A study of human impact on our local environment - our "footprints"

You can see remnants of:

  • Cahuilla Indian village sites
  • The place where "first contact" probably took place between Natives and Europeans
  • The site of the first Catholic Mission station in the San Bernardino Valley
  • The site of the second Mission station
  • A home built by someone who traveled with the Mormon settlers in 1851
  • A home built by the first doctor in the valley
  • A segregated school, where hispanic students went to school, separated from others
  • A home built by one of two brothers who brought citrus to the valley

The Mound City Hotel was built to attract wealthy visitors to our valley. It didn't work. It sat empty most of the time!

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You are about to enter history! Hold on to your hat!