Literature Connection - Page 2

Tomo of Kukumonga Village

Maxine Strane

Ralph Strane

The purpose of including these chapters is not to take the place of buying the book, but to encourage you to make the investment. This is the only book we know of on the subject of local Native Americans that is written in a readable style that would make it readily accessible to elementary school students.

These pages are presented here with the kind generosity and permission of the author. They may not be reproduced or copied without her permission. The book is availabe through the John Rains House (see Literature Connection Page for details). There is no substitute for getting a copy of the book into your students' hands.

In the links below you will have a chance to see several pages of text and illustrations in thumbnail size and full size. Following those pages you can link directly to lesson plan ideas using the book.

Tomo of Kukumonga Village has rich illustrations that show life in a local Native village. The illustrations clearly show that the local people wore little or no clothing. You will want to discuss this with your students so they can deal with this issue of aboriginal life. The illustrations are tasteful and discreet, but it is clear that the people are partially or completely naked. Use your discretion in its use. My third-grade students were fine with this book after a short discussion of cultural differences!