Maringa'yam Sweathhouse
1900's Morongo Valley
Kiich atw'wtc
Wahii'tapiit Tobacco
Datura Manich
Big House at Morongo Reservation- Malki Museum Collection

Song-based Rituals for SpeciaI Purposes:


The initiation ceremony for young men involved the ingestion of the narcotic manich (Jimsonweed) usually in the form of a drink of crushed roots called mantic. This alkali-based poison induced a hallucinatory, dream state, during which time a person would fast and be instructed by the village elders. For weeks ahead of time the boys would be taken to a private place to learn their clans history, ritual songs, and their obligations toward society.


The girls initiation ritual took place in the Big House (kiich atur’urtc) and was presided over by the paha of the affiliated clan. In the group rite a shallow pit was dug and heated with large stones. The stones were removed and herbs (mugwort, panicled bulrush, sedge and red and green algae, that was collected from the springs in the late summer) were spread over the pit.

Sample Bird Songs Recorded by Robert Levi.

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