The Serrano Indians lived in a wide area of Southern California. They traveled from Barstow to Temecula and many areas in between. The Serrano lived in the desert, mountains and valleys at various times of the year, and they used available resources that came from these diverse areas.


To get a better idea of where the Serrano Indians actually lived, you will make a map that indicates where the Serrano territories were, and what the environment is like in those areas.

Step 1

Using The following websites and your textbook as a reference, find out what parts of Southern California were Serrano Territory.

Cultural Landscapes- Map of Serrano Territory

Step 2

With the information found on the Internet and in your textbook, draw your own map of California. On your map include:

  • Compass Rose
  • Map Key

Make sure that you label these cities on your map:

  • San Bernardino
  • 29 Palms
  • Big Bear
  • Apple Valley
  • Temecula

Step 3

Using the information that you found on the Internet and in your textbook, draw a black line around Serrano Territory.

Step 4

With a colored pencil, marker, or crayon, shade the following areas with these colors:

    desert- yellow

Step 5

Look at your map. Where do you think the Serrano migrate in the summer, and winter? On your map, label the Serrano's summer home region, and their winter home region.

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