What Happened to the Serrano?

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As more and more settlers came to live in Southern California, the Native Amercians who lived here were displaced from their homes, and made to move elsewhere. There were several waves of immigration into this area, beginning with the arrival of the Spanish, and later with the Mormon settlers.


1. Visit the following websites, and research the ways that different groups of settlers changed the way of life for the Serrano Indians. For each group of settlers answer the following questions:

  • Who were they?
  • Why did they come to Southern California?
  • What did they do?
  • What relationship did they have with the Serrano?
  • How did the lives of the Serrano change?

You may record the information you have found on this worksheet.

Cultural Diffusion

An Introduction to California's Native People

Yesterdays Rancho San Bernardino

History of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

2. Make a timeline of the history of the San Manuel Indians. Be sure to include the Spanish settlement, the Mormon settlement, and the establishment of the St. Boniface and of Sherman Indian School.

3. Write a short paragraph for each point on your timeline. Answer the following questions about how life changed for the Serrano:

  • Did the Serrano have access to needed resources such as land, food, shelter, and water?
  • Were the Serrano able to migrate during the summer and winter months?
  • Were the Serrano able to raise their children acording to tradition?

Make sure that your paragraph has a topic sentence and four supporting sentences.

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