Memoir of a Civilian POW James Albert Allen
Memoir of a Civilian POW
December 7, 1999, served as the occasion for an oral history experiment on SCORE History/Social Science that we hope was the first of many. James Allen is the grandfather of one of SCORE's technical staff. The memories that this World War II civilian POW had to share about his experience as a prisoner of the Japanese offer an opportunity for students today to connect personally to history and to come to realize the depth of sacrifice made by many who came before them. Would you like to ask Mr. Allen a question? Send your messages to

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James Allen Today

Interview Transcripts

  • Day One
    Hear the first few questions with Mr. Allen, including his description of what it was like for the inhabitants of Wake Island on December 7, 1941.
  • Day Two
    The next portion of Mr. Allen's interview, including what happened when Wake Island was captured by the Japanese.
  • Day Three
    Mr. Allen talks about internment on Wake Island, then his trip to Shanghai and the first days of prison camp there.
  • Day Four
    The fourth part of our interview, in which Mr. Allen discusses how conditions changed over the years of his internment, and being moved from China to Japan.
  • Day Five
    Part five of our interview. Mr. Allen describes what they did for extra food in the prison camp in Niigata, Japan, and how they found out the war was finally over.
  • Day Six
    The last part of our interview transcripts -- Mr. Allen talks about how the Japanese and American prisoners interacted after the was was declared over, and his liberation.


James Albert Allen
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