The Townsite Era - Page 3


What was happening in Bryn Mawr?

Bryn Mawr was established as a tract in 1888, but it wasn't in the same place as now. Most of Loma Linda is part of the 1888 Bryn Mawr. What we call Bryn Mawr was called "Redlands Junction"

Here's the train station that once stood down the street from the Bryn Mawr Elementary School.

Big Picture!

San Bernardino County Museum



Segregation in California?

There were two public schools built about 1905. One was for hispanic children, the other for whites. The Bryn Mawr school was for the children of the orange grove workers, who were mostly Mexican.

The other school, called Mission School, was just down the street. The other students, mostly white, attended there.

Segregated learning continued until 1942. Rafaela Rey, the Bryn Mawr PTA President, asked the School Board to end segregation. The next year the hispanic children were allowed to attend the new Mission School on California Ave.

Old Mission School

San Bernardino County Museum

Old Bryn Mawr School


Cities Change Over Time!

How have things changed? Look at these two views looking west by Snug Harbor on Prospect Ave. Captain Davis is inspecting his orange grove. Notice the little palm trees that have just been planted along Prospect Ave.

Prospect Avenue in 1880's

Prospect Avenue in 2000

City of Loma Linda