The Mission Era 1819-1834 - Page 2

San Bernardino County Museum

When the mission was rebuilt in 1938, workers scooped up the melted adobe mud. They mixed it with water and poured it into wooden molds. After it was dried, the walls were built again. The "Asistencia" on Barton Road is a reproduction of the original.

Mexican Independence

For the next few years Mexico fought for independence. The new government of Mexico decided to put an end to the power of the Spanish priests. All church land was taken away by the new government. The priests abandoned the estancia in 1834. Mexico had no use for the mission. For about eight years the Europeans stayed away. Some of the local Indians kept farming the land the way they had been taught.


The Estancia Changes Hands

In 1842 things changed again. You can read on by clicking "The Lugo Period" below, or return to the Timeline.


How Big Were Their Footprints?