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"Juan Rios and Indigenous Mexican Dance"

Excerpts from a performance by Palm Avenue Elementary School students, given at the Sturges Auditorium in San Bernardino, CA. Also, highlights from a conversation between Juan Rios, artist-in-residence with The Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County, and Amy Ellison, Fine Arts Resource Teacher with San Bernardino City Unified School District.

"Corridos de Cesar Chavez"

At a recent professional development event held by TeachingArts.org, Patty Piñon, Assistant Principal at Cathedral City Middle School in Palm Springs USD, and her brother Jesus, illustrated the importance of music to Cesar Chavez and his struggle for migrant workers' rights in California, as well as pointing to the connections between the arts, history, language arts, and other content areas.

"Summer at the Center"

This award winning and nationally recognized program-- Summer At The Center—for the 10th consecutive year provided “at-risk” and special education students an opportunity to expand their potential and build self-esteem skills build confidence, become better communicators, explore their talents, create friendships and experience the benefits hard work, dedication and discipline being a performing artist brings.

Visual Art

Unbalancing Acts: Wayne Thiebaud Reconsidered

...Then at the end of 1959 or so I began to be interested in a formal
approach to composition. I'd been painting gumball machines, windows,
counters, and at that point began to rework paintings into much more clearly
identified objects...

"Young Artists's Gallery-2004"

Exploring the broad theme of "the journey," high school students from California, New Mexico, and Australia were encouraged to create a box or container and fill it with artwork. These two- and three-dimensional works of art incorporate photographs, digital images, paintings, and drawings while reflecting upon notions of boundaries, barriers, and restrictions.

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